Abrasives are extremely common across multiple industries and are used very extensively in a wide variety of industrial, domestic, and technological applications. There are many different types of abrasives as the physical and chemical composition of abrasives as well as the shape of the abrasive can vary a great deal. An abrasive is a material that is used to shape or finish an item through rubbing which results in that item being worn away or shaped using friction.

Some abrasives we sell at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are used to polish, resulting in a smooth, reflective surface. Other types of abrasives are used to roughen an already smooth surface, there are many different finish textures that can be achieved with abrasives. The abrasive you choose will largely depend on the type of project you are working on. Common uses for abrasives include grinding, polishing, buffing, cutting, drilling, sharpening, and sanding.

At Commerce Hose & Industrial Products we provide abrasive products from both Pearl Abrasive Co. and CGW (Camel Grinding Wheels) Abrasives, you can find their products listed below.

pearl abrasive full size logo

Pearl Abrasive Co. is proud to provide:

  • Cutting Wheels
  • Grinding Wheels
  • Wire Brushes
  • Carbide Burrs & Carbide Tip Blades
  • Flap Discs
  • Surface Preparation & Non- Woven Abrasives
  • Sanding Discs
  • Grinding Caddys

CGW full size logo

CGW Abrasives is proud to provide:

  • Quick Change Discs
  • Wide Belts
  • Narrow Belts
  • Flap Discs
  • PSA/Velcro Sanding Discs

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