At Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, we know that items in your warehouse or workspace can get pretty heavy. The ability to easily transfer these heavy items not only makes your work environment safer but also more efficient. A caster is a wheel on a rotating mount, they are often used on both carts carrying portable tools and chairs. Choosing the right type of industrial caster is key when planning your mobility solution. An employee of Commerce Hose & Industrial Products can help you choose the right one for your application and space.

Commerce Hose & Industrial Products is proud to carry casters from both Durable Superior Casters and Trio Pines Casters.

durable-superior-logo size 400 hk trio-pines-logo-size 400 hk

Types of Casters

  • Stem Casters are an assembly with a wheel, or several, wheels mounted onto a fork, with a stem for attaching it to the bottom of an object. The stem is what sets it apart from other casters. The stem casters at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are used to provide mobility to an otherwise stationary item and are typically made with polyurethane, a soft rubber, caster wheels which will not scratch or mark up floors.
  • Plate Casters contain a wheel with a plate on top for simple mounting. These types of casters have the ability to carry more weight than stem mount casters. The staff Commerce Hose & Industrial Products recommend plate casters for heavier applications.
  • Leveling Casters are designed for easy moving and level setting machines. They can be used for various applications such as chairs, shop vacuums and service carts and can be switched back from mobile to stationary nearly instantly. The staff Commerce Hose & Industrial Products recommend leveling casters for carts that will be mainly stationary but will need to be moved from time to time.
  • Pneumatic and Solid Rubber Casters are made up of materials that allow for low-speed movability for your more fragile materials. This type of caster is shock-absorbent because it is more cushioned than other casters. Commerce Hose & Industrial Products recommend casters with pneumatic wheels when moving items over grass or gravel.
  • Side Mount Casters have a vertical mounting plate that can be attached to equipment, furniture, and many other types of items to make moving those items much easier. The staff at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products recommend keeping a few of these on hand at all times as their applications are endless.

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