About Us

Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, formerly known as “Hose King”, has been a family owned business for over 60 years.

We provide high quality hoses and industrial products to consumers and businesses of all sizes.

Meet The Family

Bonnie & Dennis Bethel

The Original Hose King & Queen

These hardworking lovebirds are enjoying their time away from the warehouse. Their retirement years have been filled with celebrating their grandchildren’s accomplishments and great-grandchild’s first moments.

Jason Bethel

Head Honcho, Hose King Regent, & Part-Time Instagram Model

Jason has been working at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products since he was a teenager. He has learned every step of the business, developed strong relationships with suppliers and customers and has taken over the Hose King thrown, allowing Dennis Bethel to enjoy his retirement years.

Jennifer Ganalon Bethel

Head of Chaos Management, Number Cruncher & General Make Things Happen Girl

Jennifer, daughter of Bonnie & Dennis, grew up in the Hose Castle with her brother Jason. Her duties around the office and warehouse are endless! Jennifer wears many hats at Commerce Hose, but her favorite job is at home as Mom.

Shannon Bethel

Counting Countess, Director of Warehouse Fun, & Aron’s Personal Coffee Maker

Shannon, Wife of Jason, started as a Part-Time Accounts Receivable clerk and quickly transitioned into a Full-Time position. She loves working with her Husband and Sister-In-Law but her favorite full-time role is “Glammy”.

Frank Rubio

Senor Pancho, Linguistic Specialist, & Master of Operations

Frank has been instrumental in growing the business since he came onboard with Commerce Hose. His Bilingual background allows us to serve both Spanish-speaking business owners and customers.

Chris Contreras

Executive Sales Engineer & In-House Hunk

When you call into Commerce Hose, Chris is usually answering your call. He helps our customers decide the best product for their project and finds them the best price. There is a rumor at the office, Chris will be the next Bachelor on ABC.

Kyle Burress

Warehouse Warrior, Delivery Driver & Resident Entertainer

Kyle is not only a hard worker but also brings a fun and cheerful attitude to work, uplifting the rest of the warehouse staff everyday. If you’ve ordered a local delivery, Kyle’s happy face is usually driving the truck!

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