Hydraulic Hoses

Commerce Hose & Industrial Products also supplies its customers with a variety of hydraulic hoses. A hydraulic hose can used anywhere in a hydraulic system requiring a flexible connection between two fluid ports.

Commerce Hose & Industrial Products is proud to provide hydraulic hoses from Balflex.

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The hydraulic hoses at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are usually made with a synthetic rubber,  covered in a flexible strength-enhancing winding, usually made of metal or fiber, and then covered in another rubber layer. The wire braid reinforcement typically offers more flexibility, but is much more susceptible to failure under high impulse applications. The wire spiral reinforcement typically offers more strength, but suffers from increased stiffness and a minimum bend radius. A consultation with a Commerce Hose & Industrial Products employee will help you decide between the two reinforcement options.

The hydraulic hoses at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are used for two primary purposes, to allow movement between two locations or to reduce vibration. Hydraulic hose is often chosen because of its ease of installation and availability. Hydraulic hoses are more flexible than other tubes or pipes, making it easier to install without extraneous measurements.

The flexibility of this hose is determined by its pressure rating, type of reinforcement winding, as well as its diameter and material. Hydraulic hoses from Commerce Hose & Industrial Products can used on almost all mobile equipment.

Hydraulic hoses often operate at temperatures into the hundreds of degrees Celsius, some manufacturers specify different temperature limits for different fluids. These limits include both the media temperature (the temperature of the hydraulic fluid) and the ambient temperature (the temperature of the surrounding environment). Operating above or below a hose’s rated temperature range can reduce its service life and can cause defects in the hose such as cracking or loss of flexibility.

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