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The industrial fasteners at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are high-quality, stainless steel fasteners that can be used in a variety of applications across multiple industries. We prioritize the quality of our fasteners because they need to be able to withstand a number of weather and chemical elements as well as last a long time. Some refer to industrial fasteners as permanent fasteners because of their shelf life.

When it comes to fasteners, it’s important to understand the basics so that you know what type of industrial fastener you need for your project. Oftentimes in the industry we will use the words ‘industrial screws’ and ‘industrial bolts’ interchangeably.

However, there are a few differences: A bolt is a fastener like a screw, but it is held in place either by a nut or a threaded hole on the other side of the bolt.

The most common types of industrial bolts include:

  • Hex bolts, which are primarily used in machinery and construction.
  • Leg bolts, which are large wood screws with hex heads that are used in wood construction and landscaping.
  • Carriage bolts, which have smooth, rounded heads with a square section to pull deeply into a material to stop any spinning during installation.
  • Eye bolts, which have a circular loop on one end so that a rope or chain can be attached to it.
  • U-bolts, which are formed in a u shape and are used to affix piping or other objects to round surfaces.
  • Studs, which are bolts without ends and threaded on both ends.