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Industrial Clamps

The industrial clamps provided at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are often utilized to help apply a desired pressure or force to items in your workspace. Additionally, industrial clamps can be used for a variety of different applications and therefore come in a varying size, shapes, and features to best fit unique applications. read more

Stainless Steel Fasteners

The industrial fasteners at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are high-quality, stainless steel fasteners that can be used in a variety of applications across multiple industries. We prioritize the quality of our fasteners because they need to be able to withstand a number of weather and chemical elements as well as last a long time. Some refer to industrial fasteners as permanent fasteners because of their shelf life. read more

Industrial Hoses

Industrial hoses are the flagship product of Commerce Hose & Industrial Products. Industrial hoses often serve as transfer lines for a variety of applications in most major industries. At Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, we understand each industry has it’s own specific needs, standards, and requirements. We believe that choosing the right type of hose, taking into consideration material, size, and application, is key to your production equipment running smoothly. Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are proud to offer a wide range of industrial hoses to accommodate any application or project. read more


At Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, we understand that industrial lubricants have a key duty in your operation. Industrial lubricants will often generate and transmit energy, reduce or transmit driving forces, generate cooling or compressed air and can play an important role in most production facilities. read more


The Industrial Reels we provide at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are built using only the highest quality materials, our industrial reels are used across multiple industries. There are many different types of industrial reels, however all of them are guaranteed to make your workspace safer, more productive, and more efficient. Wires, hoses, electric lines, etc., all pose a hazard when not contained properly. The last thing anyone wants is to have an employee trip over a hose in a warehouse full of sharp tools and dangerous chemicals. Industrial reels ensure that preventable accidents like these are minimized. read more

Pneumatic Tubing & Fittings

Pneumatic fittings are parts used to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose in pneumatic (pressurized gas) systems. Compared to hydraulic fittings, pneumatic fittings are typically characterized by tighter seals and lower pressure requirements. They are frequently used in pneumatic logic control systems and instrumentation. Pneumatic tube fittings create connections and filter air in pneumatic systems. Pneumatic inline and tee filters remove unwanted particles from airflow. read more


The industrial valves sold at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are devices that control the flow and pressure of liquids, gases, and slurries within a larger system. Industrial valves are a key component in many machines that are used on a daily basis, they can perform a variety of functions for many different industries. Industrial valves (also known as regulators) can vary in size, design, and function. Typically at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, we categorize industrial valves by either their specific function or control mechanism. read more