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At Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, we understand that industrial lubricants have a key duty in your operation. Industrial lubricants will often generate and transmit energy, reduce or transmit driving forces, generate cooling or compressed air and can play an important role in most production facilities.

Most production lines require industrial lubricants in order to stay efficient and run smoothly, each application requiring a different lubricant for its specific application. At Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, we take multiple components into consideration when we recommend a lubricant, the machinery being the most important portion to consider. We also take your facility’s processes and current system into concern as well. As always, safety is our first priority. Industrial lubricants can improve both efficiency and productivity, thus able to reduce energy consumption as a result. The right lubricant can actually save you money in the long run!

Commerce Hose & Industrial Products is proud to carry industrial lubricants from both HUSKEY and Extreme Industrial Lubricants.

Types of Lubricants:

Food Grade Greases

The food grade greases at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are often used in Bakeries, Food Packaging, Paper/Box Plants, and areas with High Temps and Steam. Food grade grease provides friction, wear, water, and stain resistance for gaskets, “O” rings, pump bearings, brushings, conveyors, and equipment where petroleum products and other organics would contaminate. Some food grade greases are even Kosher.

Food Grade Oils

Synthetic Food Grade Oils do not combine with water so it can be used for pumps, gear boxes, and hydraulic systems. Clear, non-staining oil is approved for processing kosher foods. It’s also approved for direct food contact, food grade machinery, food grade penetrating oil, and general food grade. This is the most common purchased food grade lubricant.

Green Lubricants 

Environmentally-friendly greases are made from plants with ricin oil as the lubricant base. Green lubricants are an alternative to traditional lubricating greases that are typically much more damaging to the environment.

PFPE Lubricants

The PFPE lubricants at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are engineered for applications where heat, chemicals, solvents, corrosion, toxicity, flammability, and service life can present lubrication complications or difficulties.

Silicone Lubricants 

Silicone Lubricant typically contains a higher concentration of silicone than other industrial lubricants, allowing for a longer-lasting lubrication. Its clear, non-evaporating formula eliminates wear from constant friction and is safe and non-staining. Silicone lubricant also doesn’t accumulate dust or dirt.