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Industrial Hoses

Industrial hoses are the flagship product of Commerce Hose & Industrial Products. Industrial hoses often serve as transfer lines for a variety of applications in most major industries. At Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, we understand each industry has it’s own specific needs, standards, and requirements. We believe that choosing the right type of hose, taking into consideration material, size, and application, is key to your production equipment running smoothly. Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are proud to offer a wide range of industrial hoses to accommodate any application or project.

Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are proud to provide industrial hoses from KuriyamaTiteflexFlexaust, and Hi-Tech.

Types of Industrial Hoses

Commerce Hose & Industrial Products’ industrial hoses are used for the transfer of chemicals, petroleum, fuel, air, water, bulk material and also for water suction and discharge. Choosing the right hose to transfer materials for your specific project is crucial and our employees at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are trained to recommend the right hose for the job.

At Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, we have seen the repercussions of using the wrong industrial hose. Choosing the wrong hose can be very dangerous, especially when working with chemicals and high temperature applications. The wrong material or pressure rating can also cause injury.

Food & Beverage Hoses
Food and beverage hoses are sanitary transfer hoses used to facilitate the transfer of edible materials and must adhere to the requirements established by the FDA and USDA. These are often suction and discharge hoses that handle most types of dry bulk material, such as protein powders or all-purpose flour, liquid in gravity flow and vacuum service in the food and beverage industries. This type of hose is often made of synthetic rubber, most commonly Nitrile rubber, white and clear PVC, and Neoprene.

Water Hoses
Water hoses can be found transporting water in almost every industry. You can find water hoses used for beverages, different types of hand sprayers, construction, and you guessed it — fire departments. They are often non-conductive and resistant to oil. We have also seen these hoses used for septic tank cleaning, and other general industrial and agricultural applications where chemicals are also often found.

Air Hose / Air Compressor Hose
We have seen our air hose utilized in various applications including industrial air service, compressor lines, pneumatic tools, and low pressure sprayers. Air hose can be easily coupled or fitted with quick disconnects to make line connections simple, be sure to ask one of us at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products for the recommended coupling for the perfect fit. Air hoses are also often non-conductive and resistant to oil.  

Chemical Transfer Hose
These hoses are used to transfer a variety of industrial chemicals, and are most often used in pressure, gravity flow, and suction situations. Working with chemicals can be very dangerous, so we at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products recommend you double check the pressure rating before purchasing.

What is a pressure rating? The pressure rating defines the force per unit area that can be exerted on the hose or vessel during operation, typically measured in pounds per square inch or psi. The hose’s published maximum working pressure should be equal to or greater than the maximum system pressure and any surge pressures or peak transient pressures in the system. At Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, we recommend based on a design safety factor (e.g. 2:1 or 4:1) to ensure reliability and a safe operation.

Steam Hoses
Steam hoses are rugged hoses and are recommended for all projects involving steam. At Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, our steam hoses can be used for steam-cleaning, pressure washing, heat control, fire prevention, pumping, thawing, blow-out service, steam pumps, hoists, chemical plants, and refineries. Our steam hoses are typically made of synthetic rubber, and reinforced with steel wire for safety purposes.

Petroleum Transfer Hoses
Petroleum transfer hoses and tubes are used to transfer oil, gas, and petroleum based solvents. These hoses are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, transportation, factories, and construction. These heavy duty hoses are perfect for the transfer of high temperature petroleum based materials such as tar, asphalt, and hot oils. These materials can be particularly dangerous to work with so please ask an employee of Commerce Hose & Industrial Products for help. They are also suitable for suction and discharge service. The petroleum transfer hoses at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are generally made of a synthetic rubber, and have a medium to high oil resistance.

Abrasive Material Hoses
The abrasive material hoses at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products are sturdy, heavy duty hoses that transfer abrasive or coarse materials such as rocks, chips, mud, sand, limestone, and plastic pellets. Abrasive material hoses are recommended where static buildup can be a problem, so you can often find them used as a static dissipating/static conductive hose. These hoses are typically made of thick pure gum rubber, but also be found in a more lighter weight and flexible option, urethane. Abrasive material hoses usually have a limited life cycle and should be rotated and replaced to ensure even wear and prevent static buildup.

High Pressure Hose
Engineered to withstand the toughest industrial applications, our high-pressure hoses are crafted with precision to deliver exceptional results in various settings. Whether you’re tackling heavy-duty cleaning tasks, hydraulic systems, or industrial processes, our hoses are designed to handle the challenge. With a focus on quality materials and cutting-edge technology, our high-pressure hoses ensure reliable and consistent performance, even in the harshest environments. Explore our range of hoses tailored to meet the demands of diverse industries, providing the flexibility and strength needed for optimal functionality. Trust in our commitment to excellence and elevate your operations with our high-pressure hose solutions.

High Temperature Hose
Our high-temperature hoses are meticulously engineered to excel in extreme heat conditions, offering a reliable solution for a wide array of industrial applications. Crafted from advanced materials capable of withstanding elevated temperatures, our hoses ensure peak performance in demanding environments such as foundries, steel mills, and other high-heat industries. Whether you’re dealing with hot air, steam, or other high-temperature media, our hoses are designed to deliver exceptional durability and flexibility, maintaining their integrity even under the most challenging thermal stress. Explore our range of high-temperature hoses, designed to meet the stringent demands of your specific applications, and elevate your operations to new heights of efficiency and safety. Trust in our expertise to provide the heat-resistant solutions you need for your industrial processes.

Industrial Water Hose
Our industrial water hoses are expertly crafted to meet the diverse needs of water transfer applications in industrial settings. Built with durability in mind, these hoses are designed to handle a wide range of water pressures and temperatures, ensuring optimal performance across various industries. Whether you’re irrigating crops, managing construction sites, or addressing water transfer needs in manufacturing, our industrial water hoses are engineered for longevity and efficiency. With a focus on quality materials and precision manufacturing, our hoses provide flexibility, kink resistance, and dependable water flow. Explore our range of industrial water hoses to discover the perfect solution for your specific requirements. Trust in our commitment to excellence as you enhance your operations with our reliable and durable industrial water hose solutions.