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Why Use A Whip Hose for Airless Paint Spraying?

    Reposted with Permission, Original content by Chris Berry, Paintlife Supply Company

    The Hose King

    One of our favorite products to use and sell here at Paint Life Supply Co. is our custom-made airless hose whips. To me, Titan and Graco’s hoses and whips have banding that makes them too stiff. So, I worked with a company to create a softer, smaller outer diameter hose without banding so you can actually feel the benefits of a hose whip. Commerce Hose & Industrial Products, also known as the “Hose King” is the family-owned-and-operated company that produces our custom hose whips. They’ve been in business for over 60 years, providing high-quality hoses and industrial products to a variety of industries – automotive, marine, painting, food & beverage, and so many more! The current owner, Jason, took over from his father but has been working at Commerce Hose & Industrial Products since he was a teenager. Now a confident business owner, he’s taken over the Hose King throne and allowed his dad to enjoy being retired!  Check out their products and company at And if you’re confused as to why someone would use a hose whip, check out this blog post!


    I highly encourage you to buy a whip if you have never used one, or if you are using a Titan or Graco whip, switch it out to a whip designed to function as such. Paint Life Supply Co. offers these amazing spray gun accessories made For Painters by Painters for airless spray. With this tool, your painting operations will be completed with unmatched efficiency and quality thanks to the adaptable and necessary airless whip. Professional painters and contractors should choose it because of its fluid mobility, time-saving efficiency, consistent coating, improved ergonomics, and affordability. The airless whip is a crucial difference that sets you apart from the competition as demand for top-notch painting services rises. Still, have some doubts? Check out Whip Hose for Airless Paint Sprayer FAQ: Airless Spraying Tips