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Commerce Hose: 2023 Dixon LeGros Member of the Year

    Reposted with Permission, Original content by IDCO

    IDCO is proud to announce that Commerce Hose is the 2023 Dixon LeGros Member of the Year award, a recognition celebrating their exceptional achievements and contributions over the past year.

    Since joining IDCO, Jason Bethel of Commerce Hose has represented what it means to fully embrace the cooperative’s values and culture. Through strategic partnerships, such as becoming a major West Coast distributor for Kuriyama and MTO’s largest IDCO customer, Jason has seen his business triple since joining IDCO. He credits this remarkable growth to the cooperative’s influence, highlighting an impressive 50% growth with IDCO suppliers in 2023 alone.

    Jason’s contributions extend beyond his company’s success. Having just concluded his time on the Board of Directors, he took on the role of Membership Chair. Under his guidance, IDCO welcomed the second-largest class of new members since its beginning in 1993. His personal efforts in recruiting three new members and engaging numerous candidates have been recognized among the group.

    Commerce Hose’s engagement with IDCO suppliers, highlighted by its use of five additional suppliers in 2023, shows its commitment to growth. This, coupled with a comprehensive review of growth, participation, committee involvement, and total scorecard rankings over the past three years, led to IDCO’s Board of Directors’ decision to select Commerce Hose.

    While many members showed exceptional qualities, making the selection challenging, Commerce Hose emerged as a leader among leaders. Seven members are recognized alongside them as Outstanding Members of the Year, with Hose of South Texas and Cross Company standing out as the top finalists for the Member of the Year award. This group of outstanding members includes ARG, Alliance Hose, Elite Supply, Hose & Rubber Supply, and Sullivan Supply, all of whom demonstrated significant growth, active participation, and community involvement in 2023.

    IDCO congratulates Commerce Hose on its outstanding achievement as the 2023 Member of the Year. This award is a testament to Commerce Hose’s hard work, leadership, and positive impact on the IDCO community. We look forward to their continued success and contributions in the years to come.